Why repeat behaviour that leads to failure?

Repeated positive behaviour creates positive disciplines that lead to positive results. While this sounds nice the opposite is also true. Negative behaviour that is repeated creates negative patterns that lead to negative results. Why repeat behaviour that leads to failure when it is possible to train yourself for success?

Do you know someone who seems to be a walking magnet for success? You know the type I mean, don’t you? It would appear that everything they touch turns to gold. That’s known as a ‘Midas Touch’. One definition of this phrase is “the ability to effect successful outcomes.” I would like to propose that it is possible for you to become someone who has the Midas Touch.

You can most definitely train yourself to be successful. As part of what I do as a coach and mentor I get to see people train themselves to be successful on purpose all the time. But I also get to see this as a Dad to two amazing kids. My greatest joy as a parent is seeing my kids achieve their goals, and here we find the key for you.

Financial Goals are how you can get ahead, regardless of your income level. By applying focus and effort to a desired achievement you can prove to yourself that it is possible for you to be successful. Start small and learn what it feels like to be a winner. Then grow your targets and set higher goals. You’ll rise to meet the challenge and find higher levels of success. You’ll also find that your success becomes self-perpetuating as it grows momentum.

The truth is I have seen people from all walks of life achieve great things by harnessing the power of financial goals; including students, truck drivers, chefs, beneficiaries, CEO’s… the list is endless. If it’s possible for them, why not you?

I was asked recently if it is possible to attract success. I went out on a limb and answered, “Yes”. The audience then asked “How?” and I’m happy to share the answer with you also.

You attract financial success by becoming someone who has both the capability to pursue and the capacity to carry the things you desire. Cultivating your capability is simply developing who you are so that you have stronger skills and resilience to last the journey. The path to success is never easy and will require inner strength and bigger muscles than you have had in the past. Consider it possible that you don’t have all the right answers and seek wisdom from those who are further down the road to success than you are.

Maturing your capacity is about becoming a bigger person on the inside. This means leaving behind the old ways of thinking that tied you to your past failures and believing you are worthy of more than you have today. Put aside self-deprecation and adopt a healthy self-worth and you’ll be on the path to becoming a winner with a Midas Touch.

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