Probing Questions

Here are some questions that will help you identify and determine your internal set of financial values:

  • What is important to me about money?  (or… when I think about money, what does it mean to me?)
  • What would I like my situation to look like in five years time?
  • What would I like to pass on to my children or grandchildren with regards to money?
  • What do you find most irritating/unsettling about how you are using your finances now?
  • If you had to give up a number of things in your budget, what would you defend the most from being crossed off?
  • What spending does your partner do that annoys you the most?  Why?
  • What does your bank statement reveal?


Once you have completed the exercise here, plus the Revealing Your Financial Future worksheet, take time to complete the following.  (Remember, chocolate helps with inspiration!)

In my future the following Priorities will guide my financial planning:  (create a list)

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