Who is Wisemoney?

The Wisemoney Financial Systems were developed by Phil Strong for the purpose of educating people with wise financial principles.

Wisemoney is the outworking of the passion of Founder Phil Strong to see people empowered to achieve great things with their finances. It comes from many years of working with people of all ages to help them take control of their finances.

“Money is the biggest worry for a majority of Kiwi families,” Phil says. “Sitting back and doing nothing about it just isn’t an option”. Phil believes that money can be a tool that, when used wisely, can help people achieve the things that are important to them.

Since 2003 Phil has been running seminars on a voluntary basis, resourcing the Wisemoney team and leading the development of the Wisemoney concept.

Our Philosophy

Why does wisemoney exist?

The Wisemoney Financial Systems exist for the sole reason of helping people improve their financial situation.

The philosophy we teach from is …

“We must learn to be a master over money, so it doesn’t rule us;
to make money our servant, so we don’t become a slave to it;
and to respect money but not love money.”

What drives us?

The Driving Force of our organisation is as follows:

“We serve the purpose of significantly impacting nations with wise thinking and habits about money.”

Everything we do is focussed on achieving this.

What are our obsessions?

Serving: Our fundamental passion is helping people and serving them to meet their needs. We specialise in the area of your finances.

Wisdom: We believe success comes from accepting and applying wise principles to our lives. We strive to empower you to improve your future and make progress towards your goals.

Hand-Up: We don’t believe in giving hand-outs, but love to give you a hand-up so you can then help yourself.

Results: We are focused on seeing an impact in the finances of people everywhere – at all levels of society. We want households and families to be in a better position financially because of our advice.

Living our values

Helping people

Everything we do is about serving people in the area of money. When we develop teaching material it is designed to be practical and relevant so that anyone can use it. Our main goal is to empower you to help yourself by knowing what to do with your money.

Change for good

The emphasis of our seminars and all our supporting material is to place the responsibility on individuals to implement change. Education without action does not make for life changing results. We purposefully create opportunities for people to change their futures.

Speaking of the future…

If we are going to change the future we must impact the next generation. We’re currently working with schools to bring in creative fun ways for children to learn good money skills from an early age. We believe that education is “too late” if it’s not provided before our young people leave school and enter the world.