“I loved the simplicity of ABCD and feel confident I can make this work for me easily. I’m grateful that after all these years I can start to get a handle on this stuff and pass it onto my children!”
Ann Michelle

“Fantastic course. Would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get ahead. Great tools to help for the future.”
Morag Ryall

“I myself I have always run a very strict cash book knowing where every cent does go, but this has just helped it even further.”
Michelle Currie

“I am very grateful for attending the Wisemoney workshop. The seminar challenged me to make a GOAL and STICK to it. I made a goal to pay off my credit card debt and in a month, I had paid it off!”
Mariska Pagey

“Within the last six weeks since we attended the seminar we have gone from virtually not saving anything to managing to put in excess of 20% of our net income into a fixed savings program”
Dave Harris

“The most specific thing that helped us was the realising that we need to budget the whole year’s money instead of budgeting weekly until oops the monthly bills roll in all at once and where do we find the money?”
Selena (& Josh) Davies

“Every pay I dine out, buy clothes, drink with friends, play golf, get videos or go to the movies and go dancing. And at the same time I’m paying back my credit card debt, saving for retirement, my house deposit and Christmas camping. I now feel like I’m planning for my future while living my life. ”
Keri Hunt

“Your strategies have created a better way of life by changing my way of thinking. Although on a tight budget I am rapt I am able to put aside a little each week to make our life and other lives better.”
Maree Walder

“I enjoyed your seminar in Christchurch and it really gave me a strong sense of direction and empowerment about my financial matters. ”
Julia – Christchurch

“Before we went to the Wisemoney seminar it was always a struggle to pay all our bills on time, including our mortgage, and we had a maxed out credit card. Now all our bills are paid on time and our credit card is at a nil balance!”
Greg & Anna Clarkson

“I now get quite excited about looking at balances and statements and watching things grow, not like before where I would get depressed, when looking at the balance of my account. ”
Annette Hamilton

“We enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot. We are confident that we can apply the things we have learned and stay out of financial trouble in the future. ”
Alan & Judy Thomson

“The whole process of assessing your priorities and setting goals before writing a budget is so logical yet it’s the first time I’ve heard it like that.”
Jill Moore

“It gave us the kick in the pants to actually do something about where we are heading financially.”
Sharon Taylor

“The follow-up emails showed that Wisemoney really are concerned with helping people take control of their finances, and that made all the difference.”
Sunita Devasahayam

“Thank you for a fantastic evening of humour, education and inspiration. My husband and I got a heap of useful hints, some really helpful reminders and some painful realisations…”
Jo Greaney

“I was entertained the whole time! I was very surprised how fast it went & came away with some really useful ideas! ”
Greer Barnett

“I undertook three commitments after attending your workshop. 1. To clear the credit card within 3 pay periods 2. To sponsor a child. 3. To clear our Farmers account. I’ve achieved all 3!”
Sandra-le McKay

“Exellent well paced course with information at a level to challenge anyone.”
Jason Cargo

“The world would be a different place is we all got taught this at school!”
Perryn & Wendy Smith

“We were into our second year of having our overdraft when we came to the seminar. We came to seminar in February. By March we had halved the overdraft, and now in May it’s gone completely! ”
Christine Black

“I usually hate talking about money it makes me uncomfortable and puts me on guard. This course helped to ease the tension and has given me more of a desire to be involved in our family finances and a little less afraid of money issues.”
Tash Khoo

“Up until attending, I never used to look at our bank statements and just threw them away. I think I was in denial, and didn’t want to admit that our money was just passing through our hands, and that we had to do something about it.”
Elena Pomare

“I am 19 years old and $23,000 in debt in the last year. Coming to this course I see now what I have been doing wrong and I can now see what I need to do.”
Aimee Coleman

“The principles could be applied to anyone, no matter what their money worries or goals. I\’d recommend it to anyone.”
Mel Huitson-O’Neill

“The best financial advice ever heard. Helpful hints on how to reduce debt, save and set priorities.”
R & S Pollard

“Five years ago I was single and earning a good full-time salary, but money seemed to fall through my fingers like water. Applying wisemoney wisdom I achieved goals of an OE, having the wedding we wanted, and more!”
Melva Ritchie

“I got so much more out of wisemoney than just money! Now I’ve got dreams and goals – things to do that are worthwhile, that will help me grow in more than just one area.”
Warrick Hedges

“At the time I did the wisemoney seminar we were ready for a change. We had been in the same place (financially) for some time, and we were sick of being there. We wanted to move on, but neither of us knew how to do that. Thank you for giving us the tools to do so.”
Joe & Bex Graham