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Our commitment to your financial success begins with us giving you a couple of resources that we know will help you with your money.

Firstly, we’ve been giving away a section of John Burley’s book for over 10 years (with his permission, of course!)  This section is titled How to become Totally Debt Free (including your house and cars) in 3-7 Years!  John Burley is a fantastic guy teaching people how to build wealth with a purpose and is passionate about helping people, which is why he agreed to us giving away this excerpt from his book.

Secondly, there’s a classic that every single person should read.  In fact, we believe that this should be required reading in schools.  Think and Grow Rich was written in the 1930’s and is based on author Napoleon Hill’s dialogue with the richest men on earth at the time.  The principles espoused in this book will no doubt rattle your cage.  Few accept the challenge to read it and apply it, which is why few ever think and grow rich!

And finally, we want you to read the Introduction to Phil Strong’s first book, Becoming Money Wise.  This book, first published in 2008, is now regarded as a best seller in New Zealand.  In this book you’ll hear some of the journey behind the learning and you’ll appreciate that anyone can change their financial destiny by using the right financial disciplines.

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