‘Take Control’ seminar audio

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Learn financial wisdom anywhere!

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The full Take Control and Build Your Future seminar is now available on audio CD – listen in your car, on the treadmill or while walking the dog! Learn financial wisdom anywhere!

People who are doing okay financially, or even quite well, have been blown away by how much more they can achieve by using our principles.

Imagine being on the same income as you are now, but being much more comfortable financially.

  • You find yourself achieving some major financial goals (without going into debt).
  • If you were saving before, your savings are rocketing up faster than ever.
  • When bills like the car rego or insurance arrive, the money is there, no stress at all.
  • You’ve even got money set aside as an emergency reserve, so when the unexpected happens, it’s not a stress financially.

This isn’t some lofty dream. It is very much achievable. The wisemoney seminar will show you how you can ‘Take Control and Build Your Future’.

Hundreds and hundreds of NZ families have already chosen to apply these strategies and are now enjoying the results.

That’s 3 1/2 hours of quality financial coaching. The seminar comes as a 4 CD Pack – 3 audio CDs PLUS a CD-Rom with the PowerPoint slides, PDF workbook and many helpful tools