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This is an exciting announcement – new in 2013 – Digital Seminars with Phil Strong.

Upgrade your finances from the comfort of your own home.  No excuses now!

Check out the subjects below and make sure you book them in your calendar.


Financial Priorities “How to”

In this 30 minute session Phil will lead you through a practical process for identifying your personal Financial Priorities. What are your priorities? These are your personal values when it comes to money and they are critical to any financial planning you do, from spending to budgeting, to investing or building an empire. You must be clear and in agreement about what is important to you!

Recording and coaching notes now available – click here.

Kids and Money (1)

In this 40 minute session Phil will answer many questions that will help you to raise a financially savvy next generation. Phil will make sure you put some simple procedures in place so you don’t allow your kids to make the same mistakes you did!

For many years seminar attendees have been asking Phil to release this information in public form – you’re getting it first here. Later in 2013 Phil is planning to release his new book titled KIDS AND MONEY… watch the website for a pre-release special offer.

Recording and coaching notes now available – click here.

Dare to Dream Again

How do you set goals that really matter?

In this 60 minute high-impact video Phil will share a process to help you develop financial goals that really matter.

  • *  You will be signing up for this call if you are tired of the monotony of life and want to make a quantum leap outside of the square.
  • *  You will learn the power questions that Phil uses to shape his life and achieve exceptional results.
  • *  You will hear the story of how Phil and his family travelled to Africa to visit their sponsor children in Uganda.
  • *  You will understand how to apply these principles in your finances so that you can achieve more than you ever have before!

BONUS:  You will receive a free book summary from author Eugene Moreau, an excerpt from his book Dare to Dream.

Recording and coaching notes now available – click here.

Investing Wisely

Did you ever wonder how you could make progress towards your long term financial goals? Or did you give up on this dream, not even worrying about retirement because it seems to hard? Here’s a webinar to help.

How to get ahead financially – regardless of your age or income.

In this 40 minute webinar Phil Strong will cover:

  • Understanding Investment Risk Profiles
  • Which investment solutions fit each profile?
  • The secret of “how to get ahead”
  • The Eighth Wonder of the World
  • Kiwisaver – yes or no?
  • Becoming Money Wise system

As always, Phil will offer you a chance to submit questions so you can gain maximum benefit from this learning opportunity. And, this seminar will be recorded and you will receive access to the recording so you can watch the video or listen to the audio as many times as you need to.


Kids and Money (2)

How do you help your kids to manage the frustrating tension between Needs and Wants?

Why do kids always think they “need” the things they want?!

In this 30 minute webinar Phil Strong will share some wisdom in this area and give you practical tools you can use immediately to help your family manage this tension!

Highlights from the about-to-be-released book, Kids and Money, Phil will make sure you are empowered to remain the parent without having to become the “ogre”. What to know more? Register now!

BONUS #1: You’ll have a chance to submit questions for Phil and receive group training notes.

BONUS #2: You’ll also receive access to the recording of the webinar so you can listen to it again – don’t miss anything!

BONUS 3:  Just because he’s feeling generous, Phil will send you a sample chapter from the new book!


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