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This is an exciting announcement – a home based interactive seminar – coming soon.

Upgrade your finances from the comfort of your own home.  No excuses now!

This new Wisemoney seminar will be available soon.


In these 16 interactive video modules we will show you:

  • Why budgets don’t work and what to do about it
  • How someone on the same money as you can be so much better off
  • How to stop money from slipping through your fingers
  • Why many couples fight about money and how to fix it
  • The most effective way to stop bills from taking over
  • How to plan for the unexpected
  • How to pay your credit card off in full every month
  • How to get ahead, no matter what your income level

Why should I watch this seminar?

This seminar relates to people at all stages of life. If you have income or expenses or assets or debts, then you will get value out of what we cover.

Some questions people often ask are:

We’re not really struggling, so why should we come?

This seminar has been designed with your situation in mind. As mentioned above, people who are doing okay financially, or even quite well, have been blown away by how much more they can achieve by using our principles.

“We had a good budget but we just weren’t getting anywhere.”

“Our finances were pretty good. We’d put money aside in savings, but it would get spent on all sorts of things. We had a really good budget and we tended to stick to the budget, but we just weren’t getting anywhere.

After the seminar we set a number of goals and we’ve managed to achieve a lot more than we could before. We’ve completely paid off our oven and we’ve saved for a trip to Australia and we got above what we’d planned we needed to go there!

It’s definitely worth coming to a seminar!”

Tash Khoo

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

Is this advice actually going to help us?

We’ve had couples and singles over a wide range of income levels who have found the seminar far more helpful than they ever expected. Many people tell us they have been amazed at what they can now achieve with their income.

“We were ready for a change. Thanks for giving us the tools to do so.”

“At the time I did the wisemoney seminar we were ready for a change. We had been in the same place (financially) for some time and we were sick of being there. We wanted to move on, but neither of us knew how to do that. Thank you for giving us the tools to do so.”

Joe and Bex Graham

“Now I have found the answer!”

“Thank You! I’ve never been broke, but I’ve had years of writing budgets I’ve never stuck to and found that my salary simply ‘disappeared’ without much to show for it. Now I have found the answer!”

Brenda Linnegar

Will Phil be boring?

Not likely! His energy will inspire your learning. Our system makes learning easy throughout the seminar’s 2 hours. Are you ready for the rollercoaster ride?

“I envisaged myself yawning … but I was entertained the whole time!”

“I really enjoyed the seminar! I must say when I was invited along I was dreading it (a wee bit) as I was told it was 4 hrs and I envisaged myself yawning and holding my head up but….I was entertained the whole time! I was very surprised how fast it went & came away with some really useful ideas!”

Greer Barnett

So who is wisemoney?

The wisemoney financial seminars exist for the sole reason of helping people improve their financial situation.  Founded by Phil Strong in 2003, the seminars have been delivered across New Zealand and several times in the USA.  Hundreds and hundreds of NZ families have experienced a wisemoney seminar with significant success stories.

You’ll also receive a 40+ page Workbook

Each family receives the comprehensive workbook.

The workbook is packed full of information and resources. It follows the PowerPoint throughout the seminar, expanding in more detail what you see on screen and providing good space for note-taking.

The workbook also includes the ‘Revealing Your Financial Future’ worksheet. Many of our past attendees have found this worksheet alone has given them the motivation and understanding for making fast and remarkable progress.


FREE Bonus #1: Follow-up Coaching

We know all too well that people can get inspired at an event, but 2 months later they’re just the same. It is so easy just to slip back into the old way of doing things. But we don’t want this to happen to you!

That’s why we have a 3-month follow-up coaching process via email (or post if you don’t have email). We will coach you through the process, step by step, of turning the theory into action. It’s this type of support that will really help to make a difference in your finances.

Bonus #2: Wisemoney Digital Downloads

During the seminar you will learn life-changing principles that will allow you to build a solid foundation in your finances – this is information that is rarely taught.  To add to this, we’ve got a bunch or recordings of Phil teaching that we want to give you to help you take your finances to the next level.  These include sessions on Short Term Debt, Mortgages, Compound Interest and long term Investments.

Bonus #3: Wisemoney Spending Plan Excel Template and others

In the seminar we will show you a powerful model for creating your spending plan. As a bonus resource, after the seminar we will send you the wisemoney Spending Plan template in Excel.

The template is all set up ready to calculate your figures automatically, making it easy to focus on the important things rather than the maths.

Coming Soon

In the meantime, if you want to access this content via audio product, check it out here.